What’s Up with All the Veterans Day Freebie Ads?

DrAdsforProfileWell the Doc opened up the old mailbag today and here’s what poured out.

Dear Dr. Ads,

There’s a tradition of Veterans Day Sale ads that always struck me as kinda, well, cheap. But now there’s Veterans Day Ads 2.0, in which stuff gets given free to military vets.

Exhibit A: This full-page Starbucks ad from any number of newspapers.


Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 12.37.04 AM


Exhibit B: This Applebee’s full-page ad from ditto.



So is this good, Doc? Or just using vets to make money?

– Non Vet


Dear Non Vet:

That’s not the half of it. Check out this Vetapalooza of freebies.

Not to mention this full-page ad in yesterday’s New York Times.

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 12.59.02 AM


Back in the early ’70s, the Doc drew #186 in the draft, so we narrowly avoided going to Vietnam.

That might make us a less-than-ideal judge of these offers.

But they still feel a little creepy.


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