What’s Up with the VMR Electronic Cigarettes Ad?

DrAdsforProfileWell the Doc opened up the old mailbag today and here’s what poured out.

Dear Dr. Ads,

Full disclosure: I’m a smoker, which in today’s society means I am 1) morally deficient, and 2) an endless source of revenue for any and all state expenses.

(Not-So-Fun Fact to know and tell: In 2007, state excise taxes on tobacco rose by $3 billion. State excise taxes on alcohol that year rose by $3 million.)


In Monday’s New York Times, there was this full-page ad.


Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 12.44.21 AM


So here’s my question.

What’s the deal with e-cigs? Safe nicotine harbor, or no?

– Vaporized


Dear Vaporized,

First off, check out the old Doc’s recent appearance on NPR’s Here & Now.

Then check out VMR Products LLC (which spent a six-figure bundle on the Times ad).

Then check out VaporTruth (the VMR e-cig mouthpiece).


Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 1.02.24 AM


Then decide for yourself.

2 comments on “What’s Up with the VMR Electronic Cigarettes Ad?

  1. Marsha54 says:

    E-cigarettes made a big splash recently, with celebrities smoking them on talk shows and companies ramping up their production to rake in profits before the FDA comes in and regulates them.electronic cigarette


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